Found: The One Retinol Product All the Models Swear By

Retinol products have come a long way since their genesis. Originally used as an acne treatment, scientists quickly realised that this heavy-hitting exfoliator was actually a powerful and untapped anti-ager. A byproduct of vitamin A, retinol works by removing dead skin cells to encourage cell turnover. Thus, pores are unclogged and dull skin is diminished to make way for a new, healthy complexion.

Today's retinol features a more stabilised form of the ingredient that has an advanced shelf life and is even more potent than earlier formulations. But because retinol products (especially serums) are growing in popularity, the market is inundated with a ton of variations, and thus, it can be hard to choose one that will work for you. So, to round up the best retinol serums money can buy, we turned to the top picks of the girls who have the most enviable and flawless complexions: models. And as it turns out, many of them lean toward the same fast-acting serum. Keep scrolling to find out the most popular formula as well as its close contenders.

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Opening Image: @Emrata/Zunaira Sulman

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