These Are the Workouts Models Love the Most



You know how there are certain spring days when you catch a whiff of something that just smells like summer? You can’t explain exactly what it is, but when it happens, you suddenly find yourself getting very excited for beach season.

I caught it the other day, and it reminded me that it might be time to start getting back into shape. Maybe this will be the summer when I finally motivate myself to work toward the arms of Gigi Hadid and the legs of Miranda Kerr. Hey, anything’s possible.

We figured you might be having similar thoughts. So we decided to find out exactly what our It-girl fitspirations are doing to stay in such great shape.

Ever wondered how Chanel Iman gets her flat stomach? Or how Rosie Huntington-Whiteley stays so slim? Look below for 11 workouts real top models love!