Models Are Obsessed With These Face Masks (and You Will Be Too)


Urban Outfitters

There’s a reason models have so much sway in the beauty world. Yes, they’re (extremely) genetically blessed, but they also have regular access to the best in the beauty biz. They work with some of the largest, most influential brands, and we’re assuming they’ve learned a thing or two from sitting in a makeup chair for hours upon end. What we’re saying is, yes, they deserve our undivided attention when it comes to beauty advice and product recommendations; they’re experts in their own right.

Recently, though, we’ve been caught up on all things skincare. The weather is turning cold, and skin issues are popping up all across the board. There are breakouts, dryness, and irritation (must we go on?). Yet, somehow, certain models are able to maintain their #flawless complexions. We thought it was time to delve into their favourite skin treatments—namely face masks. Keep scrolling to see seven face masks, both store-bought and DIY recipes, from some of today’s most influential and glamorous models.

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