Model Charli Howard Reveals Her No-Makeup Makeup Routine

Meet Charli Howard—model, eyebrow envy–inducer and beauty junkie. The wide-eyed South East London–born model has graced the pages of Harper’s Bazaar and became an unintentional viral sensation for penning this open letter to her former modelling agency last year, calling out its unrealistic body size standards. Since then, Howard has become an outspoken advocate on healthy body image for all women—not only models—and writes about beauty, food, and life musings on her website.

Given that Howard possesses one of the most striking faces we’ve ever seen, and that it’s not often we meet a model who’s as happy to rant and rave about tinted moisturiser as we are, we asked her to share her no-makeup makeup beauty routine from start to finish. After all—who better to learn the art of model-off-duty beauty from than an actual model? Keep scrolling to find out her favourite products for a natural makeup look.