Exclusive: Hairstylist Anthony Turner on Styling Miss Piggy's Hair for Love

Miss Piggy is a goddess, and she's giving Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner a run for their high-fashion money in this month's issue of Love , out today. In fact, she usurped Jenner to make it onto the cover alongside Baldwin (we bet she felt mighty smug about that). But, you know, it's all in a day's work for the globe's most fabulous swine. Peppa may be vying for the crown of most famous, but Miss Piggy has more sass.



Alasdair McLellan for Love

The TV and movie star is resplendent on the cover and the shoot in a dusty-pink faux-fur coat and matching headpiece that was custom-made for her by Miu Miu. Now, we are never ones to speculate or pry on famous people's love lives, but we were happy to see Kermit make an appearance nestled on a stoop between Jenner and Miss Piggy.

Are they back together? Kermit famously dated a red-headed pig called Denise from the ABC network's marketing department back in 2015. But while their love life may be complicated, luckily Miss Piggy's hairstyle for the shoot is much simpler. Anthony Turner, hairstylist extraordinaire, spoke exclusively to us about working with Miss Piggy on this shoot and how you can re-create her glam waves at home.

Keep scrolling for all the gossip, plus what Miss Piggy herself thought of the whole experience.