Miranda Kerr's Unexpected Beauty Secrets

Models sharing beauty secrets can be a little underwhelming (does perfection really need help?), but Vogue’s just-released interview with Miranda Kerr is far from boring. To kick off Vogue.com’s newest beauty section, #ijustwokeuplikethis, they chatted with Kerr about her morning routine. As expected, it’s full of products from her line, Kora Organics, but it’s also full of unexpected tidbits!

Before hitting the shower, Kerr practices the art of dry brushing, which she says helps with circulation, lymphatic drainage, and exfoliation. (It also helps to prevent and remove cellulite!) She washes her hair every other day with Clear’s Total Care Shampoo ($6) and Conditioner ($6), and keeps her everyday makeup super simple: Kora’s dewy Tinted Day Cream ($62), lip balm, and mascara.

And her diet? She starts each day with a glass of warm water and lemon, followed by a homemade smoothie. Surf over to Vogue.com for her go-to recipe, and much more!