No Lie: You'll Want Every One of These 15 Minimalistic Tattoos


Kristy Sparow via Getty Images

Whether yours is a Pinterest board, a series of screenshots in your camera roll or a collection on Instagram, we all have a place where we store pictures of tattoos we swear we’ll one day get permanently etched on our bodies (after we get over our needle phobia, of course). For most of us, however, that day never seems to come. But there’s an answer: the minimalistic tattoo. So small and simple, somehow these teeny-tiny, pencil-thin shapes, patterns and words don’t feel as drastic as a larger-scale piece. Plus, their subtle nature means they’re easier to hide, should you ever need to. But this isn’t just a gallery of tired star designs or the same florals you’ve seen everywhere else. No, we’ve scoured Pinterest to find the most original dainty designs. So whether your appointment is booked or you’re still waiting for The One to come along and firm up your decision, we’ve got you covered.

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