7 Reasons You Should Switch to Mineral Makeup


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Mineral makeup hasn't always had the best rep. In the past, you may have associated it with a chalky, grainy texture and a full-on mask-like effect. And that's a sentiment makeup artist Aimee Adams agrees with. "I never used to carry mineral-based makeup in my kit, " she says. "It was quite heavy on the skin and not as easy to work with. But now that the textures have gotten lighter and you can get mineral makeup in liquid form, I have a couple of varieties on me at all times." Plus, it's fair to say that mineral brands of 10 years ago didn't have the variety and luxe feeling of "regular" makeup.

But times have changed. A lot. Mineral makeup has never been more innovative, creative and sought-after, and for good reason. Not only are the formulations some of the most desirable, but the skin-boosting side effects are better than ever. So how is it made? Well, minerals such as mica, zinc and titanium oxide are milled to a super-fine consistency, and this is then combined with pigment. However, it's often what's not contained in mineral makeup that makes it more beneficial. You won't find any oils, waxes, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or bulking agents that are used by conventional makeup brands, so they can use less pigment, and therefore you need to use more it to get the coverage you want. Mineral makeup really does go a lot further, and the more you wear it, the better your skin gets. So why wouldn't you want to switch up?

Read on to discover all the reasons you need to know for converting to mineral makeup.

1. It's non-comedogenic

In simple terms, that means that mineral makeup, unlike a lot of other makeup, won't clog up your pores. This is because mineral makeup doesn't contain talc, which stays on the surface of the skin, sinking into pores and getting them nice and dirty. Therefore, if you suffer with enlarged pores or breakouts, mineral makeup is ideal for you.

2. It's got SPF built in

"Many mineral makeup products contain zinc oxide, which, as well as being a great skin healer, is a natural, nontoxic sunscreen to prevent burning, signs of photo-ageing and irritation," explains Kerrie Smyth, skincare specialist for Glo Minerals. 

3. it's ideal for sensitive skin

"I always ask a client what their skin is like, and if they say it's sensitive and reactive, I immediately reach for a mineral foundation instead of a regular one," says Aimee Adams. Unlike other foundations, mineral bases don't contain chemical dyes. Rather, they use the natural dyes from the minerals, and by excluding chemicals, the formulation allows the skin to breathe more naturally, which is key for sensitive and reactive skin.

4. It's Not all about foundation

When you think of mineral makeup, you probably think it's all about the base, but there's so much more. The advancement of mineral pigment technology in textures other than powders now means you can prettify your entire face using just mineral makeup.  

5. It Stays Put

Due to its lack of oils and waxes, mineral makeup doesn't slide off the skin like regular makeup does. "I've used mineral makeup on shoots in really hot locations, and it just doesn't budge, which is amazing," says Aimee. This is all down to a special nylon that mineral makeup contains and makes the makeup heat-, water- and wear-resistant.  

6. It's good for your skin

"Mineral makeup acts like skincare. That's why it's recommended by dermatologists and skin specialists all over the world," says SJ Froom, international makeup artist for BareMinerals. "Women wear makeup to feel beautiful and confident, but heavy formulas can cause skin problems, such as breakouts and irritation. This leaves us in a vicious cycle of using more makeup to cover up skin concerns, never giving our skin a chance to be healthy. Mineral makeup contains natural skin-improving ingredients and incredible technology, which means brands don't need to sacrifice health for performance." 

7. It contains all kinds of other goodness too

Mineral makeup is pure and contains no nasties. But as well as the minerals, it often can contain lots of skin-boosting goodies too. 

"Our new liquid foundation contains bamboo-stem extract to provide a blurring soft focus and papaya enzymes, which promote cell turnover and will leave you with softer, smoother and brighter skin," says SJ.

Also look out for mineral makeup containing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory green-tea extract and soothing chamomile. 

Now you're hooked onto mineral makeup, here are the best brands you need to know about.