The 2017 Fragrance Trend That Will Make You Smell Irresistible

Milk is the fragrance note du jour this year. Bizarre, we know. But not only does the soft, creamy scent of milk offer a hint of nostalgia to fragrances, making them infinitely more desirable, they also make the wearer smell irresistible too. “Milk is the latest ingredient perfumers are calling on to add a touch of dynamism to their creations. Like gourmand notes, milk notes evoke a sense of comfort and pleasure,” explains perfumer Roja Dove.

Now, I’m not a big milk drinker. I’ll take a splash in my coffee but that’s about it. So, do I want to douse myself in perfume that flaunts hints of dairy? Well, actually, yes I do. Penhaligon’s has two new fragrances out called Agarbathi and Paithani, both contain sulfurol, which the perfumer behind the scents describes as his favourite milky ingredient. “Sulfurol imparts creaminess, volume, and a new type of addiction to a perfume,” he says.

And it’s true: The entirety of Byrdie and Who What Wear HQ are addicted to the perfumes. Not a day goes by without a different team member spritzing them on. In fact, one evening, the office handyman walked in and smelt Penhaligon’s exotic Agarbathi perfume lingering in the air. “What is that?!” he asked, sniffing. Not only did he love the fragrance (a bit more than was probably appropriate), he also asked if he could wear some himself. They’re the kind of scents that you have an almost compulsive and yearning attraction to.

But there's no milk in milk fragrances...

The thing is that none of the milk perfumes actually contain the white stuff. “Due to technical reasons, perfumers cannot use natural milk directly in perfumes. But thanks to our scientists who synthesise perfumery molecules, perfumers have a small palette of ingredients that can help create the olfactive illusion of mil,” explains Lee.

Other milk-like ingredients are known as lactones, “which are found in fruits and tend to smell like coconut or peach on their own, but when mixed with vanilla, they create a milky smell,” Nick Gilbert, director of fragrance consultancy Olfiction, told “Milky notes add a calming element to perfume, and perfumers are always looking at intriguing ingredients to add to their fragrances.”

This isn’t the first time milk aromas have found thier way into scents, Jo Malone lauched Sweet Milk as part of its Tea Collection back in 2011. The 1999 Rush by Gucci contains lactones, while Kenzo’s 2006 Amour famously reminds people of rice pudding. But what’s intriguing is that perfumes with milk notes are launching thick and fast, and have been since late 2016.

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