Reviewed: The Wipes That Guarantee a Streak-Free Tan

I’m not a fan of fake tanning (or real tanning, for that matter). I’d love to have a skin tone that was naturally sun-kissed, but I’m about as fair as it’s possible to be. The trouble with fake tanning is that it can be a right faff (not to mention a streaky mess). Keep scrolling to find out whether these super-easy exfoliating wipes can help make fake tanning fool-proof (and persuade me to tan more).



Mii Cosmetics

Like I said above, fake tanning and me, we’re not close. Fake tanning is just way too demanding for me. Exfoliating and moisturising days before, then remembering not to moisturise on the day (hello, streaks). And if you’re not seeing an expert brandishing a spray tan gun, there is the difficulty of reaching all the places you need to—the middle of the back is particularly tricky if you’re not a yogi. If you’ve used a tan with a guide colour, you’re less likely to get a nasty surprise. But one without a guide? Gah, you just never know! Well, not never—you soon find out when the colour has developed and you spend subsequent hours discovering new streaks you didn’t know were there, waiting, mocking you. And don’t get me started on that biscuit smell.

That said, I do still fake tan, and I have found some products that really do work for me like He Shi Express Liquid Tan (£21) and This Works Perfect Legs Gradual Tan (£38). But the streaks are particularly troublesome if I ever stray from my trusted tanners.

Part of my problem is down to the fact that I don’t always take the time to prep thoroughly (I know, my bad), so when I spied these Mii Seriously Smoothing Exfoliating Wipes (£5) I was genuinely hopeful that they could make all the difference. (Anything that could potentially make the process easier and quicker is worth a try, right?) One side of the wipe is seriously textured while the other is smooth. Soaked in aloe vera, witch hazel and conditioning allantoin, you use the rough side to buff the areas that are like magnets to streaks—elbows, heels, knees—then you give your whole body the once over. Flip the wipe and use the smoother side to really moisturise your whole body. After I had finished, my skin felt smooth but not greasy, making it the perfect starting point for a fake tan. One wipe is sufficient for the whole body, and I just used it on the morning I tanned. You then apply your tan of choice; this time I used Tan-Luxe The Gradual Tan Lotion (£18). It doesn't have a guide colour so I thought it was a good one to test with these wipes.

After four hours, the tan was fully developed, and after a thorough search, I couldn’t find a single streak. The pack suggests you use a wipe daily to help your tan fade evenly, but I’ll be keeping these close at hand all summer. Super convenient, they leave skin looking buffed, soft and sheeny—tan or no tan.

What tricks do you employ for a streak-free, fuss-free tan? Share your tips in the comment box below.