11 Mid-Length Haircuts With a Fringe That Are Too Tempting Not to Try

The lob-with-fringe combo is a modern classic. A mid-length cut is super flattering, and a fringe can also add some much-needed face-framing structure. The specific mid-length style (to layer or not to layer?) is up to you; for this, we recommend seeking out a hairdresser you trust. As for the fringe, you can opt for a soft side sweep like Emma Stone's, a piecey full fringe like Mila Kunis's or something wispy and barely-there like Rihanna's.

The great thing about having mid-length hair with a fringe is that you can find a cut that suits any hair type, from fine to full and curly. Don't believe us? Check out these 11 oh-so-different fringe-adorned mid-length haircuts for all the proof you need. And if you're after more specific shoulder-length hairstyles, check these out, while you'll find more fringe specific ideas here.