Meet Microshading, a New Alternative to Microblading

When microblading first hit the scene, we at Byrdie HQ collectively gasped when we saw the results, especially firsthand on our editorial director Amy Lawrenson. Tiny hairlike strokes are essentially carved into the skin with a scalpel and filled with ink, not unlike a tattoo. The process is incredibly painful, but it lasts up to three years, so no pain, no gain, right? But just as we were becoming accustomed to the newness of microblading, a new treatment is making waves: microshading. According to New Beauty, it's geared toward those with oily or sensitive skin or brows that are already full and just need a bit of shaping.

It's called "shading" rather than "blading" because the process is more like creating a shadow or gradient appearance with tiny dots of pigment instead of fine hairs like microblading. The result is similar to how your brows would look when filled in with brow powder (the look has also been referred to as "powder brows"). But don't worry—the colour eventually fades instead of looking like a block of colour on the brow area.