Michelle Phan's Never-Before-Shared Tips For a Perfect Selfie

In a world of oversaturated Instagram photos, the art of taking a natural-yet-flattering selfie is a nuanced craft that many try to imitate, but few truly master. One of those masters happens to be YouTube beauty sensation and makeup maven, Michelle Phan. A quick perusal through Phan’s own Instagram (which currently boasts 1.4 million followers, to wit) yields selfies of all types—barefaced selfies, done-up selfies, and even DIY cloth face mask selfies. Clearly, Phan is a guru at the craft, which is why we tapped her to share her best, never-before-shared selfie secrets. Prepare the front-facing camera—your selfie game is about to reach a whole new level.

Keep reading for Phan’s best selfie-taking tips, plus her favourite photo filtering apps!