The Polish That Changed My Nail Painting Philosophy

After over a decade of nail painting experience, I definitely know what I like and don’t like. Or so I thought. When I first applied Michael Kors’ SPORTY Nail Lacquer ($18) in Coquette, I will admit I was a little annoyed. Every time I painted a finger, I had to re-dip the brush to get enough polish for the next nail. Usually I can get two or three nails done per dunk and I was not pleased about being slowed down. Oh, how naive I was. When I finished painting all ten nails, I went back to take a closer look, Q-tip in hand and ready to start my usual cleanup process. To my surprise, I didn’t need to! Because the brush had only picked up a small amount of polish each time, it did not pool off the sides of the nails—this left me with a perfect, pristine manicure.

My praises of this polish do not stop with the brush. Its neutral pink shade is clean and simple, a subtle nude that stands out from the ballerina-inspired shades that usually dominate this colour category. The colour is opaque after only one layer, which comes in handy for touch-ups. When I had to add an extra layer to fix a small spot, I dreaded having one nail darker than the others, but thankfully it remained the exact same hue. The bottom line: I’ll be collecting as many of the nude polishes in this collection as I can.

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