What Men Really Think About Catwalk Beauty Looks

For us industry folk, London Fashion Week provides inspiration for the articles you'll read in magazines and on websites like this one for months. We see the beauty in a slick of glossy red lipstick or a gloriously dishevelled updo. But what do men make of the catwalk hair and makeup looks? You know, regular guys like your brother, boyfriend or mate who don't work in the industry.

Well, this is a question you no longer need to ponder because we sent a selection of images from last week's LFW out to a handful of men to get their first impressions. What ensued was a lot of confusion and a lot of questions. Now, we're not saying you shouldn't wear that diamanté "girls" hair clip because a man doesn't like it, or that rusty eye because he does—heavens no—but it makes for a humorous read all the same. Keep scrolling for men's perspectives of LFW's biggest beauty looks