The Surprising Reason Men Purchase Beauty Products

Women are widely typecast as the beauty-obsessed gender: Makeup and skincare are geared toward a female audience, beauty ads are laden with feminine imagery and graphics, and the industry is full of female employees. Because of this, there’s a stigma surrounding women and physical appearance: We’re the ones who care more about what we look like; we take the most time getting ready; we spend the most money on products.

But a new survey by Skinfo suggests that these stereotypes don’t have a ton of merit. For starters, after interviewing 500 people, the skincare boutique found that on average, men and women spend the same amount of money on beauty products, and more men admit to wanting to use beauty products to impress others than women do. Are you surprised? Granted, this is a relatively small sample size, but nonetheless, the results weren’t what we expected. Want to learn some other differences between men’s and women’s beauty habits? Keep scrolling!



Kimmie Perl