Meghan Markle's Hairstylist Responds to the Royal Wedding Hair Backlash



Like 18 million other Brits, I was glued to my TV on Saturday morning to watch the royal wedding. It was pure magic—from Meghan and her mother arriving in a Rolls Royce, to the band of British children carrying her gown's train, to Harry's now-famous lip-bite moment, and the star-studded guest list. But I have to admit that when Prince Harry lifted Meghan's veil, I yelled out to the television, "Tuck that piece of hair behind her ear!" My friend immediately texted me her displeasure with the now-Duchess' piece-y hairdo. Was it supposed to be a little unkempt? Is she having a hair mishap? Turns out we weren't the only ones frustrated with the look, as Twitter blew up in real-time over the style.

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