A Sociologist Has Revealed the Secret Meaning Behind Meghan's Bun

Meghan Markle has always been on our radar, but with her recent wedding to Prince Harry, interest in the American actress has reached stratospheric heights. In all honesty, we haven't been immune from Markle fever either. And considering beauty is our business, it's little surprise that it's Meghan Markle's impeccable hair that continually piques our interest. There's definitely one hairstyle she wears more than any other—the low bun, and we have a theory behind why it's her favourite. But she's also got those tonged-but-not-too-much waves down pat, understands the power of a polished up 'do and even makes a good case for bringing back hair straighteners.



Samir Hussein/Getty 

Meghan's always been a fan of the low bun, or so it seems since she's married Prince Harry. Countless times she's stepped out with the perfect, low slung messy bun that looks put together but still casual, and apparently, there's a reason behind why she always wears one. 

ELLE spoke to sociologist and image consultant Anna Akbari about Meghan's style and hair choices, and she believes Meghan's low-bun hairstyle is a total power move. Akbari believes that in wearing her hair in a completely opposing way to Kate Middleton, she's crafting her own identity in the royal sphere. She's strategically wearing a style that could be seen as sloppy, but it is neatly placed at the nape or her neck—as opposed to high on her head where we would normally have a messy bun. So it's still a refined version of the much-loved hairstyle. 

Akbari told Elle "there are certain contexts in which strategically dressing down demonstrates a 'hipness.' It's a different type of power dynamic than it would be if you were to wear a suit." So, by wearing a messy bun, Meghan is trying to appear relatable and cool. What do you think? Is she playing a power move, or does she just like a messy bun?