25 Easy Hairstyles for Medium-Length, Thick Hair

Today, we're getting specific. We're not just focusing on the best hairstyles for medium-length hair or the best hairstyles for thick hair. Nope, we're going the extra mile and combining the two to make things easier for you. After all, working with thick medium-length hair is an entirely different game than working with thin medium-length hair. Make no mistake that your hair's specific combination of length and density makes a big difference when it comes to ease of styling. 

That's why we thought we'd share a few of our favourite hairstyles from celebs who share the very same medium and thick hair type. You know, just for some inspiration. So keep scrolling to see 25 hairstyles we love, from Yara Shahidi's blunt and bouncy curls to Priyanka Chopra's textured lob. They're all so good.