Seriously Though, These Are Still the Most Popular Mid-Length Hairstyles

The days when you used to bemoan your hair being in that awkward mid-length stage are gone. We'd argue that the popularity for medium-length hairstyles all started with Jennifer Aniston's must-have "Rachel" cut in Friends, and we've now reached the peak with an abundance of people desperate for their own shoulder-length look. And how do we know this? According to our beauty insiders, this hair length is one of the most requested looks in salons right now.

We spoke to some of the UK's leading hairstylists about the trends they've seen and what their clients are asking for right now. But perhaps most importantly (because this is totally what we do too), we wanted to know which celebrities their clients are bringing into the salon. While we all used to clutch that picture of Jennifer Aniston, what's the shot in everyone's hands right now? Keep scrolling to find out the most popular mid-length hairstyles right now, and how to look after this style.