This One Small Tweak Will Make You a Meditation Expert

I don't know about you, but I find meditation really hard. Like, really hard. I know it can help with just about everything from sleep to happiness, so I try to silence my overactive mind, but I become so fixated on my struggle to break through into that state of "zen" that I end up feeling more stressed than when I started. I want to like it—believe me, I do—but right now meditation and I are seemingly incompatible.

On my hunt for tools and advice on how to meditate (without becoming a quivering wreck), I came across the work of Gyal Flex, an East London–based yoga and meditation class that breathes new life (and enjoyment) into these practices by utilizing one very simple tool: music. And we're not talking whale song or monk chanting, as these women meditate to hip-hop. Okay, this is way more on my wavelength.

Intrigued, I caught up with co-founder Sanchia Legister to find out why she believes music is the gateway to finding your groove with meditation and yoga.