6 Things Martha Hunt Has Learned in 11 Years as a Supermodel

After just one year into her career as a runway model, Martha Hunt was featured on the cover of seven magazines: Vogue China, Harper's Bazaar, GQ, Revue des ModesVGlamour Germany and Muse. Not just a small quarter-page interview, not a print ad, but right smack on the cover for all passersby to see and wonder, Who's that girl? In a quick come-up, she swiftly made a name for herself as an elite model and eventually signed with IMG, which catapulted her trajectory even further. 

Hunt's almond-shaped Caribbean Sea–blue eyes and steep, fervent brows are piercing, the sort of features a camera lens eats up, and her runway walk is soft and fluid yet completely captivating all the same. So it isn't the slightest bit surprising that she's been tapped to walk in hundreds of high-fashion shows as well as by Victoria's Secret, for which she's been an Angel for four years. Due to the fact that she's spent years as an in-demand model, Hunt has learned several key takeaways that are easily applicable to daily life, even if a catwalk isn't in your near future. Below, her six most valuable lessons.