This Probiotic Mask Is So Good, and for Once, It's Only Available to Us Brits

As we British beauty fans know all too well, sometimes it can be a while before hot new products from the States make their way across the pond. In recent years, Pat McGrath Labs, Glossier, Drunk Elephant, CeraVe are just a few that we've had to patiently wait for. So I'm bragging a little when I tell you that Marie Reynolds's new mask Dermabiome (£57) can't legally be shipped to the U.S.

Reynolds is a holistic facialist who has debuted a complete skincare and supplement line this week. When I met with hrt last month, she walked me through her new collection, and it's clear that for her, good skin is all about a healthy gut and microflora. At the core of her new range are supplements that tackle issues inside and out. There are tablets to balance yeast and thyroid function, calm inflammation and boost collagen. Alongside the supplements is a range of skincare products all about boosting the skin's healthy bacteria.

What's key to know when shopping this new range is that as well as the microflora in our gut (which is made up of both good and bad bacteria), we also have bacteria on our skin. Dermabiome contains probiotics (the good bacteria that keeps skin protected and healthy) as well as prebiotics to feed microflora. Keep scrolling to find out more about the mask and to see it in action.