Forget Facetune: 7 Makeup Tricks That Make You Look Amazing IRL

We admit it—Facetune is addicting. A little too addicting, perhaps. Anyone who’s tried it (ahem, guilty) can attest to the rabbit hole that is the refining, smoothing, patch features. One quick zoom and a swipe (ok, a lot of swipes) later, and suddenly our eyes are brighter, lashes longer, and cheekbones protruding like a Delevingne’s. It’s enough to make any woman shell out for four whole dollars for an app that basically lets you Photoshop your whole face. There is one downside, however (other than going way, way overboard and looking like a Sailor Moon character). While Facetune might give you the airbrushed skin and eye bag–free visage of your dreams on a phone screen, there’s still the real-life thing. And since we’re, you know, humans, and live our lives interacting with other humans, this proves to be a problem. Enter makeup, the Facetune alternative and OG face enhancer. Sculpting, brightening, and smoothing can be achieved IRL—and we’ll show you how. #NoFacetune, indeed.  

Keep scrolling to seven makeup tricks that rival the magic powers of Facetune.