8 Ways Makeup Crayons Will Make Your Life Easier

If you've ever had to scrub liquid foundation or spilled powder out of the bottom of your purse, you learned the hard way that touch-ups on the go can get messy. Even encased in a makeup bag, things tend to spill, break, and melt all over the place—not to mention, then you have to lug around all your makeup brushes, as well.

That's where these makeup crayons come in. Not only will they take the guesswork out of application—simply swipe and blend with your fingertips—and get you out the door ASAP on rushed mornings, they can be tossed in your purse for fuss-free touch-ups throughout the day (or night!). We also recommend packing them for your next vacay to free up space in your liquids container (because more room for shampoo and body lotion is never a bad thing).

Keep reading to see the makeup crayons that are going to make your midday touch-ups so much easier.