6 Genius Tips We Learned From Makeup Artists' Instagrams

Imagine you're aimlessly scrolling through your Instagram during your afternoon slump, or perhaps while you're stuck in traffic (tsk, tsk). You almost tune out, when all of a sudden bam. You stumble across something rare, something noteworthy, something that will change your makeup game… forever.

Chances are this has happened to most of us. After all, we follow makeup artists on Instagram not only for daily beauty inspiration but also because their accounts happen to be a gold mine of beauty information. Professionals like Sir John and Patrick Ta (who count Beyoncé and Gigi Hadid as clients, respectively) post the glamorous, awe-inducing looks they create, to be sure, but they also occasionally drop major bombshells in the captions for those photos: like the exact shade of lipstick they used or a game-changing trick for perfecting Karlie Kloss's cat eye. We've gathered six of these life-altering tips ahead, for your viewing pleasure. You're very welcome. Just please don't scroll through in the car.

Keep reading to find out the best beauty tips we learned from makeup artists' Instagrams!

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