It's Official: Macaron Buns Are the Top-Trending Hairstyle in France Right Now

Earlier this spring, we saw the emergence of space buns as the trendiest, most model-approved and festival-ready hairstyle of 2017. It's not hard to see why—they're edgy and adorable at the same time, not to mention a practical way to keep your hair off of your neck on the steamiest of summer days. So no, space buns aren't going anywhere—especially now that the newest iteration of the trend is gaining traction around the internet.

Let us introduce you to a slightly more understated take on the space buns trend. Instead of being placed high atop the head, the two buns are tied low at the nape of the neck. French girls call these low space buns "macarons" after the sweet and circular French dessert. And Pinterest has hard proof of their appeal: According to the site's analytics team, search volume for this hairstyle is up 170%.

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