Expensive Cotton Pads: Is It Worth It?

We know what you’re thinking: why would anyone buy luxury cotton pads? Until recently, we shared that sentiment—then we tried Koh Gen Do’s Pure Cotton ($12). Let us explain.

Finely-milled, pure cotton pads are absurdly soft and gentle, big enough to take the place of three or four cotton balls (do the maths on that one), and have multiple uses. Don’t want to splurge on a cloth face mask? Peel apart the layers of any of the cotton pads below, add a hydrating potion of your choice (we like Koh Gen Do’s Oriental Plants Lotion ($72) or use an affordable, natural oil) and stretch over your dry skin. (It will stick the same way a cloth mask does.) Plus, they’re a no-brainer for applying toner or removing makeup from sensitive skin.

More and more brands are coming out with luxury cotton—Chanel’s Le Coton ($20), Cle de Peau’s Beaute Cotton ($20), Shisheido’s The Makeup Facial Cotton ($10)—and while there are small differences (like interlocking C’s, for example) they’re essentially the same thing, so take your pick. It’s those little luxuries that make a big difference.