Lucy Hale’s New Beauty Gig, Plus More News

Lucy Hale, who currently fronts all of mark.’s beauty campaigns, just signed on to be blowpro’s first celebrity ambassador. “On and off set, I am constantly changing up my hair cut, colour, and style,” Hale says. “Blowpro has such a wide variety of styling products and tools that help me achieve beautiful hairstyles and feel confident any given day of the week.”  [InStyle]

Glamour just launched a cool new tool called the Lipstick Index on its beauty site, It uses their proprietary algorithm to track all the trending topics from all over the web. Warning: Internet black hole may ensue. []

Have you tried root stamping? According to, it’s the best way to add fullness to your lashes by thickening the root. You simply take a clean mascara wand, put it in your mascara tube, and press the wand against he root of your lashes, resisting the urge to swipe. We’ll be trying this for sure. []

Remember how you thought eight was the magic number of hours you should be sleeping each night? Think again: New research says seven is actually the ideal amount of hours to snooze. The study found that more than a third of the population isn’t getting enough sleep, and that contrary to previous claims, getting more than nine hours per night can actually be appropriate for young adults, as well as anyone recovering from sleep debt or other illnesses. So go ahead and press snooze this weekend. [Huffington Post]

If you want longer lashes, you don’t have to resort to Latisse or lash extensions. SheFinds reports that doing five things each night can help your little lashes reach new heights. Castor oil has been proven to help hair grow; supplements like biotin can aid hair growth; foods rich in vitamins B3, C, E3, and H are said to treat your lashes; a strengthening treatment, like RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner ($69), conditions them; and, finally, a rubber-bristle mascara will grab every lash and coat them without clumping. [SheFinds]

There’s a lot that can be said about wrinkles—not all of them true. PureWow reports on the seven major myths about wrinkles everyone should stop believing—from genetics being the main cause to those with oily skin getting fewer wrinkles (boo!). [PureWow]

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