Exclusive: Lucy Hale Talks Her First Beauty Memory, Makeup Purchase, and More

We can think of a lot of celebs whose beauty prowess we envy—but not as many who we’d feel comfortable actually talking about beauty with. Lucy Hale is one of the rare few who falls into both of these categories. Always a risk taker on the red carpet and never one to shy away from a bold lip or dramatic eye, Hale also manages to be totally relatable—someone whose beauty look we’d bring to a makeup artist for inspo, and someone we could easily see ourselves discussing the merits of ombré lipstick with. As mark.’s brand ambassador, we knew Hale would have plenty of things to say when it comes to the wide, wide realm of beauty, which is why we asked her to be our newest monthly guest editor. Lucky for us, the Pretty Little Liars star and fellow beauty junkie agreed.

For her first column, we thought we’d focus on firsts—from beauty memories, to beauty buys and everything in between. Keep scrolling to read Hale’s first ever Byrdie column!