This L'Oréal Makeup Range Was Designed With Mature Skin in Mind

The beauty industry has a bit of a troubled past with diversity, but progress is being made. Thanks to brands such as Fenty and Huda Beauty, shade ranges have never been wider, and there are now more afro-centric hair brands hitting the high street's shelves than ever before. But skin colour and hair type aren't the only nuts that the beauty industry have had a hard time cracking: There's also the issue of age.

And it's an issue L'Oréal is tackling head-on with its Age Perfect makeup range. An extension to the pre-existing skincare line of the same name, the new makeup collection aims to cater for the much ignored 55+ market. In fact, research by the brand shows that 70% of women over the age of 55 say they feel invisible in society, which is why this new range is L'Oréal's contribution to better representation.

We'd forgive you for raising a sceptical eyebrow, but we swear this isn't just another gimmick or a false effort to make the brand look more inclusive. On closer inspection, it becomes clear that each product has really taken into consideration the difference between older and younger skin, with formulas that boast special ingredients or technologies that are designed to work more efficiently with mature skin.

We've got the lowdown on the seven products in the range. Click through to hear our thoughts.