The Amazing Reason Lorde Only Wore Makeup on Half of Her Face at NYFW

Given her love for slightly out-there, goth-inspired beauty (remember those ink-stained fingers she donned at the Grammys a couple of years ago?), we wouldn't have been particularly surprised if Lorde showed up wearing makeup on just one eye for no other purpose than to look avant-garde. But when the singer did just that at Kanye West's Yeezy Season 2 show on Wednesday, it was actually for a very specific (other) reason: Her other eye was infected.

In a similar situation, most of us would have probably thought either to wear no makeup at all, to wear sunglasses, or perhaps to style hair over one side of our face (psst—we've actually done that last one, during an unfortunate bout with pink eye). But nope, not Lorde! Leave it to the super-cool singer to throw the rules out and even enhance the situation, in a way. And then, to just chillax with Drake and call it a day. You go, girl.

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Do you think Lorde took the right strategy? Have you ever had to hide or adjust your makeup for an eye infection?