The Lipstick That Actually Stays on Lips (And OFF of Wine Glasses)

The concept of long-lasting lip colour is nothing new. Products that deliver the long wear they promise are certainly harder to come by, but still, not revolutionary. When you do find a long-wearing lipstick, though, there are usually several negatives that come with it: It dries out your lips, feels thick or sticky, or has some pungent artificial smell. In my opinion, the worst of the worst when it comes to lipstick cons is lipstick that transfers everywhere. I firmly believe that a woman should be able to sip her glass of vino without leaving a ring of lipstick around the edge of her glass. But I’ve also come to accept the fact that I will always own lipstick-stained wine glasses.

Then I discovered CK One Colour’s Pure Colour Lipstick ($16). It started out like any other night. As I was rushing out the door, I grabbed the first lipstick I could find, swiped it on, and went on my merry way. About halfway through dinner, I started eyeing my glass—and not for the usual reason. No, I wasn’t inspecting the status of my lipstick smears—the exact opposite, in fact. My glass was completely lip print-free. By the time dessert arrived, I was dying to check out how the colour was holding up in the mirror. Also around the time the butterscotch budino arrived, my dinner companion made a remark about the staying power of my lipstick. Actually, she demanded to know exactly what I was wearing.

At this point, I had created an impromptu experiment for myself. I decided to refrain from reapplying my lip colour at all, and see how I did at the end of the night. The results of my super-scientific experiment were quite remarkable. Other than the tiniest bit of fading at the center of my top lip, my lipstick looked almost exactly as it did when I applied it several hours ago. Beyond the staying power, my lips felt hydrated, the fuchsia colour looked vivid, and there was no bleeding or feathering in sight. In short, I’ve found my new lipstick love.


What’s your favourite long-lasting lip colour? Share your go-to product in the comments!