The 7 Best Long Haircuts for Every Type of Texture

If you have a long haircut but you're bored with your look, you may think there's only one option: Chop all your hair off. Strictly speaking, that's not actually true. As beauty editors, we've learnt many a solution to this problem, and we know there's actually secret answer number two: Transform your look without getting rid of your length. 

So how, we hear your cry, is it possible to achieve this? Well, we've identified a few options, whether that's adding in fresh new layers to your style, opting for a blunt or side fringe, or even going for the "invisible haircut" (that's a real thing, we promise we didn't make that one up). As always, we've gathered examples as seen on our favourite A-listers to give you plenty of hairstyle inspiration before you sit down in your stylist's chair. Click through our gallery for seven of the best long haircuts to transform your look.