Why These New Tampons Are About to Change Everything

Shortly put, periods suck. And yet, they are a part of life for half the population, and at this point, the way we deal with them has become an inconvenient routine (usually consisting of making a mad nighttime dash to your neighbourhood drugstore and avoiding the cashier's eyes during checkout). But here’s a crazy fact for you: Tampon companies aren’t required to disclose what their pearly packaged goods are made with. In other words, you may assume you are inserting something clean and cottony into your body each month, when that really isn’t the case. Typically, most feminine care brands make their products with a blend of artificial fibres, rayon, and polyester—cheap, effective ingredients that are great for companies looking to cut costs, but that might not be the greatest thing for your body. And yet, each month, we stock up on the same go-tos we’ve been using since our awkward middle school years. It’s a vicious cycle (literally). 

Now enter Lola, a brand-new company that wants to modernize the long-held, rarely disputed feminine care market. All of Lola’s products are made with 100% hypoallergenic cotton, and no chemicals, synthetics, or dyes—plus, they’re oh-so-chicly packaged, so you won’t even need to bury them under your bathroom sink. Lola owners Jordan Kier and Alex Friedman were also smart enough to set up a monthly delivery service, which sends a box of tampons (which you can mix and match to your heart’s desire) to your doorstep for $10 (or two for $18). What exactly does this mean? No more middle-of-the-night drugstore runs, for one. And no more of the annoying predicament when you’re left with Super and all you really need is Light (the struggle is real).

You can read up more on Lola and order your first box on MyLola.com.

What do you think—is the idea intriguing, or will you stick with your tried-and-true routine? Sound off below!