Here's Some of the Very Best Skincare to Ever Come Out of France

There's a whole lot of hype surrounding French pharmacy brands. Of course, the French beauty aesthetic is a lot more diverse than that typical stereotype gives credit to, but there's something about French skin care brands that you just automatically trust. Quite often, such as in the case of Avene and Nuxe, the brands are steeped in history and heritage and offer simple (but good quality) skin care that does exactly what you need it to—no fluff.

And that's exactly the case when it comes to L'Occitane, the Provence-born skin care and body range. I've always had a bit of an affinity for the brand, quite possibly because my Aunt always keeps her bathrooms stocked with its Verbena hand wash and cream, but it's definitely worth shining a light on some of its skin care formulas, too.

Just like its peers, L'Occitane has hunted out some of the most effective ingredients this earth (immortelle flower, I'm referring to you) has to offer skin and funnelled them into sumptuous formulas you'll actually enjoy using. Basically, L'Occitane offers so much more than hand soap, although it is a pretty brilliant hand soap at that.