Living in the Moment: How to Make It Work for You

Hands up if your mind is always wandering one, two or even six months ahead of time. You spend so many precious hours obsessing over the future—or the past—that the present slips away. It’s a common feeling, if Pinterest’s latest statistics are anything to go by. The social media site reports that saves for “living in the moment” are up 464%. Throw in the fact that we’re constantly being ambushed by digital distractions and it’s easy to see why so many of us feel like we’re missing out on the here and now.

Alexandra Frey, co-founder and director of The Mindfulness Project, agrees. “Nowadays, in our fast-paced, plugged-in world, the present moment has become a scarcity,” she explains. “Whatever is scarce, people value. The present moment has become a luxury.” So how do we enjoy this luxury? Keep scrolling to discover everything you need to know about living in the moment. Here’s to a more mindful 2018.