Meet "Lived-In" Hair: The Latest Colour Trend That Lasts 6 Months

If you're a hair obsessive, and especially if you live in Los Angeles, you know about the colour phenom that is Johnny Ramirez. He's one half of the duo behind celeb-frequented L.A. salon Ramirez-Tran, and we might as well call him the Picasso of colour. Half the Byrdie team has seen Ramirez—and happily gone through the full-day process of transformation at his hands (yep, it takes six-plus hours), because it's worth the time you save not having to get your hair coloured again for six more months. Ramirez coined (and subsequently trademarked) the term "lived-in colour," and it's officially the cooler, modern 2015 update to ombré. His work has gone viral thanks to his consistent Instagram feed, which boasts the undeniable visual proof that lived-in colour looks damned good—and The Cut has all the info on how meticulous his technique is. It reports that Ramirez trains his staff to sleep with a banana in order to familiarise themselves with the unique natural colour inside its peel. “All blondes need to be lifted to this colour. I make them sleep with a banana — watch it and wake up to it," he told The Cut. He calls it the Banana Test and only allows them to work the salon floor when they have proven they can match the colour inside the banana. For more details on exactly how Ramirez creates his signature lived-in colour, head on over to The Cut. And keep scrolling for a few examples of his work in action. The before-and-after transformations are pretty incredible!