Here's Why People Are Using Chlorophyll for Clearer Skin



Acne is a bit like a game of Minesweeper (and I hope I'm not aging myself too much here with the reference). You take careful steps to keep your skin clear, but one wrong move and your skin breaks out like crazy. And if you haven't nailed down a strategy to help your skin stay clear, you end up just clicking around—I mean, treating it—haphazardly and breaking out even more quickly. That's why it's paramount to find a proven treatment that won't lead to another mass of mines smattered across your face.

Enter chlorophyll. You learned about it in middle school science and probably remember it's got something to do with plants being green, but modern science has discovered that it's actually excellent artillery against pimples. "Based on several clinical trials, chlorophyll likely works through both decreasing inflammatory markers in the skin and decreasing P. acnes, a bacteria thought to contribute to acne formation," explains Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group. Want to learn more about how this natural ingredient works in combat? Keep scrolling.

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