Liquid Bronzer: It's Easier To Apply Than It Looks

When products we know and love in one formula suddenly start popping up in a whole new consistency, we get simultaneously excited and confused. If powder bronzer has always been the one product we can rely on to make our dull, lifeless complexion look alive, why mess with perfection? Of course, curiosity usually trumps all, so when a box of liquid bronzer lands on our desks, we try them. And it turns out, those bottles with stranger droppers and watery bronze pigments are far less intimidating once you start playing with them. Set aside your fear of streaks because the application is really quite easy.

First of all, don’t be alarmed—the formulas are sheerer than they appear. You only need about one drop for each cheekbone. Apply it with your finger—the key is to do your blending swiftly because the colour tends to set quickly. They really sink into your skin, so the result is an actually natural-looking bronze. Plus, the dewy finish can’t be beat.

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