11 Gift Sets With Enough Lipstick in Them to Last the Entire Year

Lipstick gift sets seem to be everywhere at the moment as we hurtle towards the dreaded Christmas shopping period. Not that we're not complaining: We may already own approximately 36,542 lipsticks each, but here at Byrdie UK, we've been so taken by some of this year's offerings that we've found ourselves sending not-so-subliminal messages to loved ones to put in our requests.

If you're shopping for someone obsessed with makeup, adding a set of new shades to their collection is a pretty safe bet. Not only will a new set proffer up a hue or two they are yet to try, but the most comprehensive kits will give them enough lipstick to see them through next Christmas. From a wardrobe of liquid lipsticks to the most Instagrammable lip kit to ever exist, these are the sets we'd be incredibly happy to receive—and we're pretty certain your giftee will love them too.

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