One Trick That Will Make Every Single Lipstick Suit You


D Dipasupil/Getty Images

We're constantly trying to find lip shades that work best for our skin tones—we're all different, after all. We've studied our undertones (cool, warm, or a mixture of both), but the artists backstage at Prabal Gurung changed everything. Apparently, you can customise any hue to work for you. We're calling it: Bespoke lipstick is about to be the next big thing.

MAC makeup artist Romero Jennings explained how they made the same hue work for every girl in the show: “MAC has created this lip palette for Autumn/Winter 2016. But in true Diane Kendal fashion, she's going in and taking this red-cranberry colour and mixing it with a concealer that matches the models’ individual skin—it’s really clever. That means you can take one lipstick and stretch it so the colour works for every skin tone. This one, we're using Sultry Mauve, becomes the most beautiful, fresh, light pastel that complements all complexions. It’s just genius to think about doing that. A colour that works on everyone!


We're using this similar palette until the one they used backstage comes out!

He continued, "As your skin changes throughout the season, you use a different concealer. So, this way the one colour can work all year. It’s a blurred, I’ve been kissed look. It’s not heavy, we’re using soft brushes for the lip as opposed to a traditional lip brush. There’s no defined line. It's real, it's raw, it's individual.

He slyly added, "I've seen her do it at more than one show so… new trend alert!"

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