This Is the #1 Most Overlooked Beauty Product


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Exfoliating: We all know the benefits of doing it to our face and body. For one, it sloughs away the dead skin that's just laying on the top making your face, arms, legs (you name it) look dull, flaky and basically not that great. But how frequently do you give your lips a good scrub? Hhhhmmmm, we thought so. Well, we're here to tell you we all need to be upping our lip-exfoliation game. Why? Because by making sure your pout has been prepped properly, everything you put on after (even if that's just a simple swipe of hydrating balm) will look so much better. And the best news of all is that they're quick, easy and fuss-free to use, so there are really no excuses.

But first, let's find out more about why lip exfoliators are SO essential.

Exfoliators: Why Bother?

"Before I apply anything else, I always start with the lips, giving them a quick scrub," says makeup artist Aimee Adams. "That way I know that whilst I'm perfecting the rest of the makeup, when I come to apply whatever lip colour I'm using, it's going onto the perfect canvas and look amazing. Even if you don't think your lips are dry, putting a bold lipstick on will highlight any cracks and flakes, so I advise that everyone exfoliates their lips. Depending on the level of dryness, it can be a light buff using a ply of tissue paper, or if your lips are visibly in need of help, then get a proper lip scrub on them. You wouldn't just whack your foundation on unprepped skin; the same applies for your lips!"

You've been told. Now scroll on to discover the best lip exfoliators out there.