Beauty Boss: Linda Rodin’s Unconventional Secret to Success

In our series, Beauty Boss, we’re highlighting individuals who are owning the beauty space and turning it upside down in new, innovative ways. You’ll be able to get an exclusive look at their very personal journeys to success, as well as hear their advice to anyone wanting to follow in their footsteps. This week, we’re featuring face oil guru Linda Rodin.

These days, possessing a “signature” beauty look seems to goes hand in hand with a certain level of celebrity. There are the Kardashians, with their hyper-sculpted cheekbones; It Brits like Alexa Chung and Suki Waterhouse, with their shaggy, cool-girl bangs; the omnipresent Taylor Swift, with her penned-about cherry-red lips. And then there is Linda Rodin, a veteran fashion stylist who established an instantly recognisable beauty aesthetic without any of the pop culture buzz requisite of her younger, more mainstream counterparts. No, 67-year-old Rodin, with her gleaming grey hair, thick-framed glasses, and ubiquitous swipe of bright lipstick, seemingly stumbled into the role of beauty icon and business founder by doing a very simple thing: creating something she loved… for herself. That “something”—a hydrating, soothing, skin-loving face oil that is now the hero product of her full-fledged skincare line, Rodin Olio Lussoended up being something thousands of other women wanted too. Recently acquired by Estée Lauder, the brand is now a leader in the luxury face oil sphere, as loved and lauded for its formulation and ingredients as it is for its scents and exquisite packaging.

We sat down with Linda Rodin at Freds at Barneys in Beverly Hills and asked her about her path from fashion stylist to face oil guru. Turns out, Rodin had a rather untraditional plan from the rest—as in, she didn’t really have one at all. But as we spoke with her (and marveled at her perfect poppy-red lipstick), we realised that this unbridled, carefree air is exactly what makes her the type of person women half her age try to emulate (not least of which involves buying her products). From living in the moment to learning to stop being the “most impatient person in the world,” keep scrolling to learn all of Linda Rodin’s unconventional secrets to success.