Lily Collins, Lancome's Latest Ambassadress, Talks Brows

This morning, Lancome announced that Lily Collins is their latest ambassadress. The Mortal Instruments actress was chosen for “embodying Lancome’s effortlessly chic look and joie de vivre”—but we like to think those inimitable eyebrows gave her a leg up. “I didn’t even notice them, or that there was anything weird about them, until I moved to LA,” Collins says. “Everyone looked so different here so I tried to fix them myself.” Needless to say, that didn’t go very well. “My mum was across from me at dinner and she said, ‘You look like Groucho Marx!’”

Luckily, they grew back and now Collins just lets them do their thing. “The women I admire from old-Hollywood, they had defining signature features and that’s what set them apart. It makes me laugh that the one thing I’m conscious about has become my thing. The less you do to your face, the less you can do wrong!” A young woman that comfortable in her own skin? That’s our kind of spokesmodel!