14 Ways to Make a Bikini Wax Less Painful



Bikini waxes can be terrible, if not downright masochistic at times. But that doesn’t mean I don’t continue to get them. It’s a personal preference—I feel more confident, clean, and perhaps even more powerful after a good wax. I don’t choose to do it for any romantic partner; I choose to do it for myself. Which is totally fine! The world is your oyster. Or, in this case, the world is your strip wax. So if you’re like me and opt to sustain a bit of pain for your beauty treatments, I’ve written up a guide (with the help of waxing experts from Spruce & Bond and Strip Ministry of Waxing) on how to make it way less uncomfortable—relaxing even.

I’ve broken it down into easy tips and tricks to perform before, during, and after your treatment. Keep reading, and you’ll be ready to make your next appointment free of anxiety.