Leg Makeup Is the Summer Beauty Essential We're 100% on Board With

It's officially the time of year for sundresses, midi skirts, and cutoffs, and with it comes the opportunity to reveal those legs that have been hiding under 40 deniers all winter. If there's one thing that can get in the way of donning the shortest of short-shorts this season, it's potentially feeling self-conscious about our legs. After all, our legs hold us up, propel us forward, and often undergo some minor damage in the process.

Maybe there's a cut or bruise you want to cover, a case of uneven skin tone or the inevitable bug bites that pop up after the obligatory summer camping trip. Luckily there's a very simple solution: leg makeup. Some leg makeups resemble bronzers, while others are applied as a foundation or concealer—it all depends on your areas of concern. Read on for our favourite leg-makeup products that serve to satisfy your every need, whether you're looking for light coverage, a subtle glow, or something more heavy-duty.