18 Celebrity Hairstyles That Will Make You Rethink Layers

Layered haircuts have a bad rap. Thanks to the '90s obsession with layers, the noughties was a palette cleanser of sleek, straight mono-length hair. Today, however, we're slowly starting to embrace layers once again. But the 2.0 version is more about creating cool-girl texture and a little well-placed volume in hair. You can forget about that less-than-covetable mushroom shape that became so intrinsically linked with '90s celebs. And while we'll always have a special place in our hearts for The Rachel, the modern version is subtler than that. The layers enhance your haircut rather than stealing the show.

For anyone old enough to have asked a hairdresser for layers back in the day probably has a strong suspicion of anyone wielding a pair of scissors (I know I do). We hear you. The key is to ask your hairdresser for some longer invisible layers, the emphasis being on the words longer and invisible. And unless your hair is mid-length or shorter, you want the ends of your layers to sit below your jawline or lower to create that enviable texture in your hair without it jumping up to hug your cheeks (not flattering).

Here's a definitive guide to the celebrities that have nailed the layered haircut 2.0.