EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Conrad Shares Her Secret For Perfect, Wavy Hair

When we think about sun-kissed strands and bouncy Cali-girl waves, one name in particular comes to mind: Lauren Conrad. The master of effortless curls and sunny colour, Conrad has teamed up with John Frieda for their new campaign, Keep Up With Your Blonde, which encourages blondes everywhere to be their best with proper hair care. She’ll be blogging on the site and offering her tips and tricks for shiny, healthy blonde locks.

We got the chance to sit down with Conrad and ask her about her summer hair routine, the best hair advice she’s ever gotten, and of course, just how exactly she gets those perfect waves. Lucky for us, she was more than willing to spill her secrets—and even told us the simple trick she uses to help her curls last longer!


Click through the slideshow above for Lauren Conrad’s best summer hair tips!