Lauren Conrad Goes From Lob to BOB—See The Pic!

Just when you thought Lauren Conrad had made a big enough hair change last week—chopping her long, beachy waves for a shoulder-skimming lob—she goes and surprises everyone again. Today, just a few days later, she debuted an even shorter cut on her Instagram, crediting her bob to her longtime hairstylist, Kristin Ess. The caption reads, “Just stopped by @Kristen_ess’ for my weekly chop!” and features Conrad holding a pair of hair scissors up to her now drastically shorter strands. Though her face isn’t shown in the photo, the sun-kissed, tousled waves are undeniably hers (they’re one of her signature features, after all). Ess posted a similar photo from a side angle, with the caption, "Make sure it clears the shoulders." Props to Conrad for this daring move—it takes guts to move from a swingy lob to an above-the-shoulder bob in less than a week!

What do you think—are you a fan of the cut? Sound off below!